Cedar Rapids Mayoral Transition

The outgoing and incoming mayors of Cedar Rapids say they want to cooperate to insure a smooth transition of city leadership. And both demonstrated that spirit on Wednesday.

Outgoing Mayor Ron Corbett made it a bit of a ceremony in handing over his gavel to mayor-elect Brad Hart.

The two spent several hours going over the status of ongoing city projects and called a news conference Wednesday afternoon to share some thoughts on the transition.

Both said they share similar priorities in leading the city.

Mayor Corbett says a good portion of the time was spent talking about future development possibilities.

“We had some good discussions not just about opportunities in the downtown and NewBo but throughout the city and the land available for development,” Corbett said.

Mayor-elect Hart referred to remarks Corbett made at a farewell council reception on Tuesday.

“I really think our best days are ahead and he (Corbett) mentioned that yesterday and I agree with that. We have a really bright future,” Hart said.

Hart was asked his thoughts about the city going after tens of thousands of unpaid traffic camera citations through a collection agency.

The incoming mayor said it was a decision of the previous council and he wasn’t familiar with all the details. But he also said he didn’t disagree with the action.

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