Man Finds Dog with Broken Jaw in Fairfax

David George was on his way to go hunting when he spotted a Labrador last week in a ditch near the intersection of Maple Grove Road Southwest and Linn Johnson Road in Fairfax. It was very cold that night, and the dog was scared.

He says, "She had her tail tucked in between her legs and then she was whimpering and whining. But she was still curious on why I stopped and what I was doing there.”

She started warming up to her new best buddy. George named the dog Christmas. George realized right away that the dog’s jaw was broken. He took it to a veterinarian. He says, "They said that from the trauma of it, somebody had either kicked her or hit her with something."

Cedar Valley Humane Society paid for the surgery to fix her jaw. Director of Development and Community Outreach Preston Moore says these types of situations are too common. He says, “We see probably 10-20 easily every year. Animals that are injured, hit or and have broken bones.”

But Christmas isn't in the clear yet. The Humane Society is raising money with George to pay for her follow up exams.

They don’t know who owned Christmas, or how long she was abandoned for. George is currently fostering her, and hopes to adopt her one day.

He says, "There's no reason to abuse a dog or a cat or anything like that. If you can't handle it, take them to a shelter."

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