Rescued Squirrel Still Visits The Family Who Nursed Her Back To Health

When you rescue a wild animal, it usually comes with the understanding that you’ll have to eventually set them free and say goodbye.

Most of the time, the animal’s instincts will take over, and they will become one with nature, probably never to be seen again.

However, Bella the squirrel is an exception to the rule. The Harrison family agreed to take Bella in when she was just 4 weeks old and badly injured after a skirmish with an owl.

The family was used to taking in wild animals, but had no idea just how special Bella was about to become to them.

Bella was one of four other squirrels the family also took in. The Harrisons kept the squirrels during the cold winter, then released them in April when it was warm enough for the youngsters to thrive.

They didn’t see much of their squirrel friends after letting them back into their natural habitat — that is, except for Bella.

Photo: Little Things


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