Iowa Man Jailed for Child's Injuries

Des Moines police on Tuesday told KCCI details of what they call a "horrifying" case of child abuse.

Dominick Clausi, 18, faces felony charges after his 5-month-old baby was admitted to the hospital with a fractured skull, according to the Des Moines Police Department.

Des Moines police said Dominick Clausi abused his baby multiple times over a period of several weeks.

“It's a horrifying case when you hear the details about it,” Des Moines police Sgt. Paul Parizek said.

Parizek said it is hard to stomach what Clausi is accused of doing to the child. The baby's mother is the one who noticed bruises on the infant and alerted police.

“During the investigation, detectives were interviewing the father (and) what they determined then was that, probably at least over a two-week period, he has shaken the baby, he has forced the baby's face into a pillow and at one point apparently he has bit the baby,” Parizek said.

Police said the abuse happened at a home where Clausi was staying.

A police report shows the baby suffered two skull fractures and a brain bleed as well as multiple bruises. He's now recovering at Blank Children's Hospital.

“As a parent, not just as a police officer, these are the ones that tug at your heart, but they also make your blood boil,” Parizek said. “It's an infuriating act.”

Family members, who did not want to speak to KCCI on camera, said they had no idea Clausi was hurting the infant.

“Why it happened? There's not going to be an answer that's acceptable to any of us,” Parizek said. “You're talking about a 5-month-old baby that can't do anything.”

Clausi is charged with "multiple acts of child endangerment."

There is no word on the baby's condition as of Tuesday. Police said Clausi’s charges would change if the baby dies.

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