Iowa City Changing Recycling Program

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Starting on Monday, December 4, Iowa City will be switching over to single stream recycling.

It's part of Iowa City's efforts to minimize waste throughout the city.

That means you won't have separate and sort your recyclable materials for curbside pickup.

All your materials like cardboard and aluminum can go in one bin, unsorted.

The city has already seen other communities who have switched to single-stream recycling begin to recycle more often.

And they hope by making recycling easier, more people will now get involved and start recycling.

"Since it's an easier system, where we no longer have to sort, all materials can go in the same bin, because of that we have increased participation with it being an easier program and with that also seeing increases in tonnage of materials actually being recycled," says Iowa City Recycling Coordinator, Jane Wilch.

They're still not accepting glass or plastic bags for curbside pick up.

Instead, they say to take those items to one if Iowa City's five recycling centers.

For a list of what items are accepted and to find out what's not accepted, you can click HERE.

And if you need to find out where you can take items that aren't accepted for curbside you can click HERE .

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