Drunk ISU Student Found with Gun in Dorm

AMES, Iowa (WOI) -- An Iowa State University student was arrested after police say they found a gun inside a dorm room at Friley Residence Hall.

The college student, Samuel Michael Morris, 22, allegedly walked into a dorm room in Friley where he was caught with a gun. Police say Morris was lying on the ground covered in what seemed like his own vomit.

When he was arrested, Morris identified himself as a member of both the Ames and ISU Police Department. A public safety officer denied that Morris was a cop.

According to police records, Morris isn’t a resident of the Friely building. They said he was very drunk and disoriented. It isn’t clear how Morris managed to get inside the residence hall mainly comprised by freshman and sophomores.

An officer with Iowa State University said the weapon recovered at 6:30 a.m. was a black 9mm handgun, for which Morris had a non-professional concealed permit.

However, since Morris was severely intoxicated, his permit was not valid at the time of the arrest.

Police say Morris doesn’t pose a threat to students and staff, but they want to emphasize that he did break Iowa State University’s firearms policy, which prohibits firearms on campus.

“You have rules saying that students cannot use gun on campus yet he was able to walk around campus with a gun and that is scary,” said ISU Sophomore Matthew Makrose.

There is no indication if Morris is still studying at Iowa State University.

Morris faces the following charges: Possessing an illegal handgun and impersonating a police officer.


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