Haunted House To Open Despite Storm Damage

CENTRAL CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Circle of Ash, the haunted house-style attraction has returned to Eastern Iowa for another year of scares.

It's the second year the spooky attraction will return to the Linn County Fairgrounds after they received tornado and flood damage this summer.

Back in June, a tornado touched down during the first day of the Linn County Fair in Central City.

No one was hurt, but fairgoers did have to seek shelter.

The tornado hit right near the fair causing major damage to trees, especially where Circle of Ash has their Frightmare Forest, a creepy path where monsters jump out and scare you.

But the tree damage has now made the haunted attraction even scarier.

"We cleaned up what was crossing the paths but we left a lot of the other stuff. We feel that it makes it a lot scarier gives our actors more places to hide, they can hide behind down trees, twisted trees, mangled stubs things like that,” says Mark Fuller owner and Producer of Circle of Ash.

"You sort of feel like you're not supposed to be in here because it's Tornado damage but we left a lot it because we feel that it provides sort of a gritty edge to the forest,” says Fuller.

A month later in July, the Wapsipinicon River overflowed and haunted house organizers had a lot to clean up.

Family and friends spent two weeks after the tornado hit using chainsaws to help clear a path in the woods.

Those who come to Circle of Ash this year will see a haunted house, the scary walk through in the woods known as Frightmare Forest, and Pandemonium a fog-filled maze hidden beneath a circus tent.

September 29th is opening night.

People can start coming out around 8 p.m. to the Circle of Ash.

It will run on weekend nights until October 29th. 

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