Kinnick Stadium Changes Reacting to Expected Heat

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- With game day temperatures and a heat index that could reach the 90s, the University of Iowa Athletics Department announced Wednesday procedural changes to assist fans attending Saturday’s football game at Kinnick Stadium.


·         Water Monsters will serve as hydration stations at each of the four corners of the Kinnick Stadium concourse.

·         Fans will be permitted to enter the stadium with empty water bottles of any size and/or an unlimited number of sealed water bottles.

·         Aramark will sell bottled water at the stadium concession stands at a reduced price.

·         For any fan in distress or in need of a break from the heat, an expanded rest area is available outside the First Aid Station at the southeast corner of the stadium. This space will provide shelter, cool air, and hydration.


If you or someone attending the game is in need of medical assistance, please alert CSC stadium staff or ask those around to signal for help.


The Hawkeyes host North Texas on Saturday at Kinnick Stadium at 2:35 p.m. (CT). Tickets are available at Please enjoy the game responsibly.

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