How Do You Determine What Is #FakeNews?

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Fake News

Doug talked to Christoph this morning regarding #FakeNews and how to determine what it is from all the noise out there Christoph said the first thing is the importance of making sure it's a legitimate news site/organization. 

Documents - INDIAN HILLS, CO - JANUARY 10: The Citizens Commission to Investigate the FBI, the anti-war activist group that burglarized the FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1971, broke four decades of silence and their identities were revealed in the book "The Burglary", by journalist Betty Medzger. The ringleader of the burglary, Bill Davidon, lived in Colorado and died just this past fall. His daughter, Sarah Davidon, also lives in Colorado, and has boxes of documents and photographs that her father kept from the time before and after the burglary. (Photo by Kathryn Scott Osler/The Denver Post)

Secondly, if they reference original documents, they should show them!

. Here's his website...great stuff over there!