Your New iPhone-I'll Take Your Arm and That Leg

You all know I’m an Apple guy. That notwithstanding, I’ve said I wouldn’t get the iPhone X. But, hold the phone.

Reports are out that Walmart is offering  a $300 Walmart gift card with the purchase of the iPhone X. That effectively takes the price down to just shy of $1,000 to $700. Pricey, yes, but what a deal if that comes to be true! Oh yeah…check out the fine print, which says that you’d have a two-year contract.

Meanwhile, did you hear about the German guy who was at a bar and his Alexa turned on…on it’s own. Full blast…playing music! The neighbors called police, who broke the lock to get in a turn it off. Yeah, it was two in the morning when it happened. 

Dude got home, found new locks and a note from the cops. They gave him the bill for the locksmith, so the newspaper report from the Telegraph, reads, “When I asked Alexa how we could stay together and whether she could pay me back what she’d cost me, all I got was a dry ‘I couldn’t find any answer to the question’,” he says.