You can get paid to dine out... sort of

Now there’s an app offering us an incentive to use it to book a table.

Seated will give you 30% back when you make a reservation and actually show up to eat.

All you have to do is use Seated to book a reservation, show up on time, and upload a receipt to the app to verify you hit their spending minimum at the restaurant.

Then Seated sends you a reward code worth up to 30% of the check.

Sadly, they don’t pay out in actual cash, but they give credits for Lyft, Starbucks, or Amazon, so it’s practically just as good.

For now, you can use Seated for reservations in New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, but their site indicates they’re planning to expand to more cities including Miami, Denver, and Washington, D.C. soon.

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