"A matter of respect"

A matter of $1800 stipend has some firefighters in Springville feeling disrespected.

TV9's Josh Scheinblum joined the Mid Morning Show Tuesday to chat a bit about it and provide some context..

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Here's the original story from KCRG-TV9:

Firefighters are important to any community but the volunteer firefighters in Springville are wondering why the city cut off their usual support.

Each firefighter in Springville had received five dollars a month to help cover costs associated with their work but the future of those payments are uncertain.

"I sat on a highway for three hours the other day with an accident and got frost bite in my ear. And to some that's not worth five dollars a month, but to me it is helping people, and that's why we're all here," said firefighter Corbin McComb.

The Springville City Council meets just feet from their fire department but firefighter Nate Hinders believes their priorities are miles apart.

"I think it's time for somebody to stand up to them," said Hinders. "You guys (council members) don't support us at all."

Hinders is one of approximately 25 members of the Springville Fire Department and he wants to know why the city council denied their typical $60 a year stipend.

"Knowing that we don't have support from our city council, that can't happen," said firefighter, Michele Stone.

I9 asked every member of the city council to explain what happened on camera. No one took us up on that offer but Mayor Roger Shebetka sent us a statement saying in part that, "some of the City Council members had questions about whether Brown Township also contributes to Friends of the Springville Fire Department".

Records obtained by I9 tell a different story. On January 16th, the city clerk told Fire Chief Patrick Hoyt via email the council would approve the payment, totaling $1,800 the following Monday.

That meeting came and went and then this week there was another. Council minutes do not show the firefighter funding ever coming up for discussion at either meeting.

When the chief then asked about the funding the clerk emailed him that the funding was "denied".

One of the firefighters who spoke to I9 say they actually end up donating their $60 right back to the fire department, that is on top of the roughly 800 volunteer hours they serve.

The fire chief tells I9 the stipend has been in place for years without any issues until now.

The Mayor did say they would discuss the matter now at its next meeting.

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