Day Three of the 2023 WHO Tractor Ride

Photo: Dorwart, Mike

Wednesday, June 21st 

Marshalltown to State Center to Marshalltown - Total 45 miles


Central Iowa Fair, Marshalltown, IA

17.6 mi, 25 minutes

Left out of Fairgrounds

0.281 mi

Turn right onto S 18th Ave

1.49 mi

Turn right onto Iowa Ave E

5.26 mi

Merge onto US-30 W/240th St

1.37 mi

Take exit 179 toward IA-330 N

0.315 mi

Turn right onto IA-330 N

955 ft

Turn left onto 235th St

7.50 mi

Continue onto 4th St SE

1,316 ft

Turn right onto 1st Ave S

0.598 mi

Turn left onto 230th St/7th St NW

883 ft

Turn left

801 ft

Turn right

266 ft


West Marshall High School, State Center, IA

10.1 mi, 15 minutes

Turn left onto 230th St/7th St NW

0.337 mi

Turn left onto 9th Ave NW/Old US Hwy 30

0.735 mi

Continue onto 4th St SW

0.307 mi

Turn right onto 3rd Ave SW

0.368 mi

Turn left onto US-30 E

3.51 mi

Turn right onto Hart Ave

4.64 mi

Head south on Hart Ave toward 4th St

0.412 mi

Turn left onto 290th St

3.97 mi

Turn left onto Lafayette Ave

0.944 mi

Turn right onto 280th St

3.00 mi

Head east on 280th St toward Oaks Ave

2.26 mi

Turn left onto IA-14 N

3.98 mi

Continue straight onto S Center St

377 ft

Turn right onto 240th St/Iowa Ave E

0.986 mi

Turn left onto Governor Rd

1.48 mi

Turn right onto E Olive St

361 ft

Turn left

0.267 mi

Turn right

410 ft

Central Iowa Fair, Marshalltown, IA

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