USDA approves disaster relief bill that could help flooded Iowa farmers

DES MOINES, Iowa- The U-S Department of Agriculture has approved $3 (b) billion dollars in disaster relief.

The USDA says stored-grain payments will be based on 75-percent of the crop's 2018 value, based on the assumption that the grain was harvested last year.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig says during the spring floods, Iowa farmers in Fremont, Mills and Pottawattamie counties lost 2.4 million bushels of corn and soybeans, valued at $10.9 million, in on-farm storage. In addition, 418 grain bins, valued at $11.6 million, were damaged by the flood waters.

Farmers can begin signing up for the federal disaster aid on Sept. 11, 2019. More information is available at

“Across the state of Iowa, our farmers have sustained significant losses from spring weather events,” said Secretary Naig. “We appreciate the USDA taking action to provide much-needed resources to the farmers, agribusinesses and communities hardest hit by the spring flooding. While these programs cannot make our producers whole, we welcome the assistance to help with the ongoing recovery efforts.”

The USDA says producers who filed flooding or excess moisture-related prevented planting insurance claims in the calendar year 2019 will receive a supplemental disaster “bonus” payment equal to 10 percent of their prevented planting indemnity. An additional 5 percent prevent plant supplemental disaster bonus payment will be provided to those who purchased harvest price option coverage. Please contact your local USDA FSA office for sign-up details.

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