Finally, the Country Catches Up with Me: Open Up!

RUSH: It's so gratifying to see everybody come around to my way of thinking. Open up. Would it be safe to say that I have been one of the earliest clarion calls to open up? I know everybody's on it now. But it was so necessary weeks, even months ago to do this, and all the evidence is coming in that these states that have opened up are doing far better than the states that remain on lockdown.

The states that remain on lockdown are obviously blue states, Democrat governors with a political objective behind it. And now there's this big op-ed in the New York Post which just calls attention to the outright destruction that is done, that has been done to New York City. It is just incredible what has happened here and what's ongoing. And now we've got the ability to make side-by-side comparison of things. Open up, let freedom ring, let people be responsible for themselves. And you see what happens. It all works out.

The idea that the American people are a bunch of children, cannot be protected from themselves, cannot be allowed to make their own minds up has been a classic element of American liberalism and the Democrat Party for who knows how long. And they're eager to shovel more and more people into that category.


RUSH: I'm gonna tell you something else here, folks. I just was looking at the Drudge page, and there's a graphic accompanying the story, and it's all about doomsday forecasts for the next few months in America. The doomsday forecasts are the result of a model from the University Pennsylvania Wharton School. Now, this model, which is a relatively new model on the scene...

It's been out there, but it's not been in the top two models that are constantly cited -- the one from the U.K. and the one from the state of Washington. But the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School -- which, by the way, is Trump's alma mater. (chuckles) A very big point here. The Wharton School model is predicting... Ready for this? Dadelut, dadelut, dadelut, dadelut, dadelut, dadelut!

COVID-19 cases are gonna reach 5.4 million and the death toll could be 290,000 by July 24th. That is if -- if -- there is reopening and if there is no social distancing. But don't worry, because the Wharton model only predicts 4.3 million cases and 230,000 deaths, not 290,000 by July 24th if states reopen but continue social distancing. Now, what do you think the real purpose of this is?

Since everything is politicized, since everything has been corrupted that the left touches, what do you think this is? This is the new version of 2.2 million people could die if you don't shut down, 2.2 million people do die if you don't mitigate. This is all part of the relentless effort to prevent or to slow down the reopening of the U.S. economy. That's all this is. Do not doubt me. It's an attempt to scare everybody into resisting opening up.

Even if your state opens up, you're supposed to stay scared and not participate.

That's the objective here.