Barr Says Obama Won’t Be Prosecuted

RUSH: There are more updates on the coup attempt, the effort to bring down the Trump administration, the effort to bring down the Trump transition, effort to bring down the Trump campaign. There's more and more evidence that's getting piled onto previously existing evidence that once again will allow me to say nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, see, I told you so. It was right.

And something else happened while I was away. The Attorney General William Barr -- did you hear what he said? "I don't see us prosecuting Obama. I don't see us prosecuting Biden." Remember the grief I took for warning you people that this was gonna be the case? I mean, Snerdley loaded up a full day of phone calls of people dumping all over me as though it was my fault that Obama wasn't gonna be prosecuted. And all I was telling you was we don't prosecute ex-presidents.

Remember the uproar when the Southern District of New York and then the New York AG office started making plans to indict Trump when he leaves office? And remember how upset that made everybody because that would take the leap, make the leap of criminalizing and establishing the president of criminalizing policy differences and presidents in elections and so forth. It's a step that we've never taken. And I didn't see it happening now.

And everybody that Snerdley sent my way was just dumping all over me. And that was before Barr came out and made his announcement. Now we've got Ken Starr saying, "Well, yeah, I think there's gonna be indictments, but I don't know how high up they're gonna go." So these are things, again, that I know as a result of intelligence guided by experience. The point is there's updated news on all of that and how it just can't be that James Comey went rogue. And it can't be that Brennan went rogue. And it can't be that Clapper went rogue, meaning that they all decided to act individually on their anti-Trump bias.

There had to be instructions. There had to be a plan. There had to be an operation. There had to be somebody at the top of that operation. And the more that gets declassified here the more obvious that connection goes all the way to the top of the Obama administration, which would be Obama.