Cedar Rapids' Holy Family Schools to try outdoor classes

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa- Holy Family Schools, in Cedar Rapids plans to hold classes outside, when the weather permits, at the start of the new year, because of the pandemic. The district begins the school year August 20th, with half-days.

KCRG TV 9 reports Holy Family schools have approximately 20-outdoor spaces, for pre-k thru 8th graders. The spaces will fit as many as 23 students, and teachers will have a headset and microphone so kids can hear.

Holy Family Chief Administrator, Zachary Zeckser, tells KCRG “We can’t be out there all day every day and if it’s rainy or if it’s windy or cold we can’t stay out there very easily. But, when it’s a nice day, the teachers and I have been just talking about let’s utilize that opportunity. I think the kids will love it. And we know a lot of research indicates it’s really good for mitigating the spread of COVID.”

There are some questions about busing though, according to a letter shared with families in the district.

Holy Family partners with Cedar Rapids public schools for busing, and a letter from the Cedar Rapids Community School District suggests some uncertainty about the availability of bus service. The CRCSD letter states nearly 20-percent of transportation employees have resigned due to concerns about COVID-19 exposure.

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