New Iowa blackout plates extremely popular

Blackout plates are proving to be popular in Iowa.

Iowa Department of Transportation example of new license plates in 2019. (COURTESY PHOTO)

The Iowa Department of Transportation said that they’ve handled about four times as many special plate requests in July compared to June, because of interest in the Blackout plate.

As of July 31, 1,900 Blackout plates were issued, with another 6,100 ordered, according to Daniel Yeh, vehicle services manager with the Iowa DOT.

The Blackout plate is already the fourth most popular out of the state’s specialty plates.

University of Iowa plates are the most requested, you can see those on 31,118 vehicles. That’s followed by Iowa State University plates at 19,853, and Natural Resources Goldfinch plates with 16,715.

Yeh estimates that the blackout plate has raised $380,000. That money goes into the Road Use Tax Fund which pays for road improvements.