Jones Co. using 'Smart 9-1-1' ap

Every second counts during an emergency. That's why a new smart app launched in July in Jones County aims to help those who need to call 911.

During a 911 call, the app allows Jones County dispatchers to see victims' information. This helps authorities locate somebody if the victim freezes up or can't talk.

As the supervisor for the Jones County dispatch center, Stephanie Coffey says getting answers on a victim’s location isn’t always easy.

"For the elderly population that are unable to talk, if they're having a stroke or some type of medical emergency,” she said. “Having that information on the screen, we can relate to them that we have this information and we're sending help."

Jones County 911 coordinator Gary Schwab showed TV9 how to set up a profile on the app or online. Users type in information like their name, address, height and weight, family members, and medical conditions just to name a few.

The county pays $8,500 dollars to use the Smart 911 app for the first year, and $7,000 dollars after that. That money will come out of the phone tax.

Scwab says it's worth it.

"Provides an extra layer of protection and services to the citizens of Jones County," he said.

That protection can also help domestic violence victims. People can put on their profile if they are at risk. "For the safety of our law enforcement,” said Coffey. “If they do a 911 hang-up, we can have the information popup that that house can potentially have a domestic violence situation, and we can get there sooner."

Polk, Buchannan and Dubuque County also use the app. It’s free to download and use. A person's information is only available to people if they dial dispatch.

Click herefor a link to download the app.