Heat Wave: Home Energy Tips

Hot weather this week might have you cranking up the air conditioning at home.

But if you're not careful, Alliant Energy said that could also bump up your energy bill.

To keep your bill down, Alliant said you can reduce the stress on your air conditioner by putting a clean filter in and clearing the area around outside units.

Spokesperson Mike Wagner recommended turning the thermostat up a couple degrees whenever you go to bed or leave the house, which he said is a better strategy than completely turning the air off.

Even what you do in your kitchen can affect how much you use your air conditioning.

"This is the time to not use your stove a lot. This is a time to maybe bring out the egg salad sandwiches, the ham salad sandwiches. Maybe use your toaster oven. Maybe use your instant pot,” Wagner said.

If you're hosting any summer parties, Wagner said you should start cooling your house before people arrive.

If not, he said it might overwork your air conditioning to make up for the body heat inside.