West Branch schools to consider firing principal

The West Branch school district is set to consider firing its high school principal Thursday night but it won't say why yet.

The West Branch school board agenda includes an item recommending that it fire Shannon Bucknell. The agenda item does not give a reason why.

In a message to KCRG-TV9, the district's superintendent said this is an initial step and nothing is final.

"There will be no termination until the administrator has had the opportunity to exercise or forego rights under Chapter 279 of the Iowa Code. Under those laws, an administrator has the right to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge," said Superintendent Marty Jimmerson.

Jimmerson could not provide any other details about the process.

Bucknell was placed on Administrative leave this past May. The district did not say why, and West Branch police told TV9 Bucknell was not involved in any criminal investigation.

Bucknell's leave came shortly after the arrest of a West Branch student for sending nude pictures to a classmate. Police say Brady Lukavsky, sent the pictures to a 17-year-old on Snapchat. She told him to stop but he kept sending them.

But police said Bucknell was not investigated as part of that case.