Musician to ride RAGBRAI while playing the tuba

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Lots of people ride RAGBRAI across Iowa every year, and many do it to raise money for charities.

John Hodkin is riding this year's RAGBRAI to raise money for Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines...while playing the tuba.

"They employ music therapists, and they employ art therapists. Of course, what I do is closely linked because I'm a tuba player."

Hodkin says he'll also play his tuba while he's NOT riding.

"I'm going to use opportunities to do street shows, and if there's an old folks home or a day center in a town that wants me to come an do something on the way through.

Hodkin says he's going to ride RAGBRAI using a tricycle that will allow him to sit while he rides and plays.

RAGBRAI 2019 starts July 21st in Council Bluffs.

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