"No Bedbugs" found in JoCo health report

The Johnson County Health Department reports they have found no evidence of bed bugs despite a woman's allegations to the contrary.

Kissing Bug (Triatominae)

Jennifer Werderitsch, who filed a complaint two days ago with the County, was married earlier this month in Iowa City. Werderitsch tells the KCRG-I9 investigative team she accused the Hyatt Place hotel of having bed bugs in several of their rooms after she claims nine of her guests saw the bugs. One guest says she to not only took photos of the bugs but claims that she had been bitten too by them.

A copy of the County's report shows they inspected three rooms and found "No sign of live or dead bed bugs found in any of the rooms."

However, public health officials have said most complaints of bed bugs in hotels never turn up any because actions are usually taken before inspectors arrive.