Problems arise with CR Bikeshare program

Problems with a city bike-share program are already popping up, just a month after it started.

Riders are supposed to check the bikes in and out of docking stations, which are all around downtown Cedar Rapids. The city tracks how people are using the bikes.

So far, people have taken more than 2,300 rides on the bikes. That's an average of 87 rides per day.

Riders have to install the VeoApp to rent a bike. From there, you pick how much money you want to deposit for the ride. It's a dollar to unlock the bike and then 15 cents a minute.

People can take the bikes out of the racks easily. And you need to scan the barcode to start the fare.

The issue comes when the ride is over.

There's also a slide near the bike's seat that needs to be pushed down.

But that can happen anywhere, even if the bike isn't on the designated rack.

There are 20 stations throughout the city. And the program comes at no cost to the city.

VeoRide operates the program. It tracks lost or stolen bikes, but doesn't share how many bikes are abandoned around town or how they get back to the stations.