Second western Iowa tornado confirmed early Wednesday

JOHNSTON, Iowa- National Weather Service damage assessment teams have determined there were two tornadoes that touched down in western Iowa just after 1:30 Wednesday morning.

One hit a rural Adair home, killing one woman and injuring a man. Experts say it was rated an E-F 2 and packed winds up to 130-miles per hour.

The National Weather Service says it was on the ground for nearly five miles and was 150-feet wide.

There was another, weaker (E-F 1) tornado in Cass County, southeast of Anita, Iowa. Experts say it packed winds of 90-to-100 miles per hour, was about 50-miles wide and traveled for just over one mile, and destroyed an old barn and scattered debris for one third of a mile, and left a path in a farm field. This tornado touched down 25-minutes before the Adair tornado.

(Photo from National Weather Service)

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