Smoking billboard causes weekend concerns

Some people in Cedar Rapids thought they saw smoke coming from a billboard in the city over the weekend.

That wasn't the case.

The Casey's Pizza sign on Center Point Road NE, by Blairs Ferry Road, has a smoke machine inside that makes it look like a piping hot pizza.

The Cedar Rapids Fire Department said they got several calls on Saturday from concerned drivers. They went to social media to let people know there's nothing to worry about.

KCRG-TV9 spoke to some people that actually had to stop what they were doing, to take a closer look.

"I was driving north on Center Point Road and I saw the smoke coming from the giant pizza, had to turn around and take a look," Scott Wiley said.

The posts on the fire department and police department Facebook pages were shared hundreds of times.

"There is no fire and do not call 911 to order a pizza!" the post said.