Search continues for Eastern Iowa father

An eastern Iowa woman is desperate to find her husband who's been missing for more than a month and a half.

(Courtesy: Courtney Lee)

31-year-old Chris Bagley was last spotted early December 14 in Cedar Rapids. He's 5'11, weighs 185 pounds and has brown hair. Authorities say they're still looking at all possibilities connected to his disappearance.

The last time he saw his wife, he said he was going out for a quick trip. That was forty-five days ago. He left his wallet, keys, and truck behind.

Courtney Bagley said there's no doubt in her mind that he's still alive and out there somewhere.

"I want to tell him: Where are you? When will you come?" said Chris Bagley's son, Mason Bagley.

Mason is Chris and Courtney Bagley's oldest child. When he was born, he changed their lives.

"The day he saw Mason he became a different person. He was so in love with him," said Courtney Bagley. "He would not be able to tolerate not being with his kids and not being around us."

Bagley stepped out December 13th, with an acquaintance. His wife said there was something off about how he said goodbye that day.

"He gave me a big smooch on the lips then kissed my forehead," said Courtney Bagley. "He looked me in the eyes and was like, 'I love you.' Then he sent me a text an hour later that said I love you."

Since then, there's been no sign of Chris Bagley. The family said their only hint is a debit card swipe at a nearby gas station. The uncertainty is something his sister, Lori Ruiz, said is pushing them to draw the worst conclusions.

"There was one day we were driving around. I saw an abandoned building and my first thought was, 'Could he be there? Did someone take him there?' It's so scary to think that," said Ruiz.

"The more snow we get, the more I get worried," said Jonathon Bagley.

Jonathon Bagley said the family has been following their own leads, searching with a drone and talking to anyone that might know something.

"He vanished. I've looked for him every weekend almost since he's gone missing," said Jonathon Bagley. "We've knocked on a lot of doors and talked to a lot of people. Everybody has a different story, nobody knows anything they say."

The Bagleys may not know when or where they'll find him but they do know they're not giving up until they do.

"I'm confident we're going to find the answers," said Courtney Bagley. "100 percent."