Postal Service workers braving the storm

U.S. Postal workers in Cedar Rapids deliver mail through 147 different routes every day but when there is bad weather outside that job gets more challenging.

As a postal worker who delivers mail it is Michaela Wanek's job to be outside no matter what mother nature has in store.

On Tuesday morning Michaela and her colleagues throughout the City of Five seasons were not just battling freezing temperatures but a persistent freezing rain too. Icy ground makes trudging from home to home no easy task.

"The hardest part I think is working with gloves trying to get the letters not to stick," said Wanek.

Even trips back to the mail truck require a little extra care to make sure the windshield gets de-iced in between trips from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Fortunately, you might just say Michaela, a third generation mail carrier, is seasoned at dealing with the winter season.

"When things are good and things flow smoothly they can set their clocks by us," said Wanek.

Next year will mark Michaela's 10th work anniversary as a postal worker.

"It's so satisfying to go home knowing that I served a good day and I worked really hard," said Wanek.

As the saying goes, Michaela says neither snow nor rain, even the freezing kind, will stop her from providing a vital community service.