Firefighters ask homeowners to clear out hydrants

Cedar Rapids Fire Department is asking for homeowners’ help in fighting fires this winter.

The department said icy conditions can make responding to fires challenging, with firefighters having to move slower so they don’t slip, especially when carrying heavy equipment.

Capt. Frank Satariano said fire hydrants work fine in the winter, even when temperatures dip below the freezing point, but he did ask people to make sure crews have access to those hydrants.

"We have equipment out on our trucks to help us spot the hydrants in the residential areas, but as far as if they're still covered, we still need to have access to them, so if they're cleared, that helps us out tremendously,” he said.

Capt. Satariano said you should clear about three feet around all sizes of the hydrant to give them the best access to it.

He added you should also make sure detection equipment in your home is working as well.

“I can't say it enough, that a working smoke detector and every household having at least one carbon monoxide detector, they will save lives,” he said.