'Cheeky Bandits' in Cedar Rapids

You've probably heard of the Christmas time 'Wet Bandits' from the box office hit Home Alone. Here in Cedar Rapids, police are looking for two you could call the "Butt Crack Bandits."

Security footage captures a cheeky thief and a colleague burglarizing the Westdale Car Wash in Cedar Rapids, Christmas morning.

The thieves spent about two hours rummaging around Westdale Car Wash, early Christmas morning.

They tried prying open the coin safes of about every machine they could and drilled open the change machine inside the shop. All the while, one of the thieves kept losing his pants. All of it was caught on security camera.

"He could use a pair of suspenders," said Jason Mettler, who co-owns the place. "It would be helpful for him."

In the four years Mettler's had the car wash, he's never been burglarized before. While thieves made off with only a little money-- Mettler doesn't keep cash there overnight-- the real trouble was all the damage the thieves left in their wake. Mettler estimated repairs would cost about $20,000.

The co-owner shared some of the most revealing of his security images on Facebook in hopes someone might recognize the two. It didn't take long for the post, and some of the cheeky security images, to get attention. The images had been shared more than 800 times, at last check.

"I get that I'll probably never see a dime from them," Mettler said. "But, just to get them off the streets so it doesn't happen to somebody else."

Westdale isn't the only car wash to be burglarized, recently. Cedar Rapids police are checking to see if the two men caught on camera are connected to three to four other car wash thefts in the last week or so. Those with information are being asked to contact authorities.