Hiawatha "Santa Cops"

 Around the holiday season, giving is in no short supply. Hiawatha Police are now opening up about an annual assistance program they've kept under the radar.

It's an undercover Secret Santa program the Hiawatha Police department has been doing. Now, the secret is out, after Mariana Hendricks contacted TV-9 to share her appreciation.

"We care that they're struggling. We absolutely do," said Hiawatha Police Chief Dennis Marks.

Marks said he likes their Secret Santa program because it gives police a chance to break down the walls between civilians and officers. People become just people.

"It's really nice to react to a friendly face and have people see us for who we are as human beings," said Marks.

Hiawatha Police have a total of five thousand dollars to give out in hundred dollar increments to those in need. That money came from an anonymous donor, for a second year.