IC council looking to add interns

College kids in Iowa City may get the chance for real-world experience helping out city council.

It's still very early in the process but Mayor Jim Throgmorton said a council member asked him to bring up the idea of having interns at the next council work session. The paid internship will give them the chance to attend meetings for members if they unable to, or help with research. The idea is for a temporary one-year trial program with up to three interns (upon request of councilmembers). Throgmorton said he will not be requesting one.

It's something Mayor Throgmorton said he did while he was an intern for an alderman in Kentucky years ago. He said it helped him a lot.

"It's always a way for interns to learn a lot more what planning is all about and in this case what being a city councilmember is all about," said Throgmorton.

If council agrees at the December 18 work session, they would schedule to talk about it at the following meeting after the new year.