CR family frustrated with lack of serious charge

A man who admitted to police he assaulted a Marion woman last summer got his trial pushed back again on Thursday. But for family members, the bigger question is why Cody Brown isn’t charged with murder nearly six months after his victim died from the injuries.

Marion Police say Brown admitted he threw Stephanie Bowling, 24, to the ground outside her apartment in Marion last June. She died less than two days later from her head injuries.

And family members are asking why this remains an assault causing injury case instead of a murder case.

Tricia Eilers of Monticello still has questions about what happened to her daughter last June. But her biggest question now to police and prosecutors is what’s taking so long.

“I’m getting very aggravated. It’s taking way, way too long,” Eilers said.

Eilers says she calls either prosecutors or police about once a month to check on her daughter’s case.

She says authorities always tell her they’re still awaiting some reports, more witnesses or medical evidence before filing more serious charges against Brown.

But Eilers says she’s a big confused about both the autopsy report and a death certificate she received recently.

Both list blunt force trauma to the head as the cause of her daughter’s death.

But as to manner of death, the documents say “undetermined” instead of the homicide ruling she expected.

Eilers says it’s hard not to sound off on social media about her frustrations.

“Especially when we have people who know him (Brown) and show me pictures on social media and he’s out partying and having a good time and here we sit,” she said.

Both prosecutors and police would not explain why they’ve waited to file more serious charges in the death of Bowling. But one noted they only get one chance at a conviction and want to make sure they have all the evidenced they need before filing charges first.

Brown’s trial on assault causing injury was moved from January to May 6th.

But a police official says he expects some new developments sometime after the first of the year.