Hwy 100 Ceremony... drivers still waiting

A long time highway extension is done, and soon cars and trucks can take advantage of it- and city leaders and Iowa Department of Transportation officials say the new path to the west of Cedar Rapids could create a miles-long chance for the city to grow.

Looking out the window Saturday it may not have seemed like a great day to get outside, But for a handful of people in Cedar Rapids, it was a chance to take advantage of a unique opportunity.

The extension to the west on Highway 100 was discussed for years- until the Iowa DOT came up with the $200 million to pay for it in 2013. Three years later in 2016, the first phase of the highway extension project opened. People spent the afternoon riding their bikes on the fresh payment.

Nearly two years to the date Saturday, despite the wet and windy weather, people celebrated with a bike ride. Even Mayor Hart put his helmet on.

Prior to people walking and bike riding on the new highway, there was a press conference to celebrate the new addition.

Even though Saturday served as a chance to take a "test ride" on the highway, the Iowa DOT says the highway will not open for vehicles until later this winter.