Naig submits budget for 2020

 A new year is around the corner and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) is looking at the fiscal 2020 year budget.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig this week submitted to the governor a budget highlighting animal health emergencies, water quality, and renewable fuels.

IDALS asked for an additional $250,000 for foreign animal disease response preparation, they requested $150,000 last year.

Naig says it will support the position of Emergency Management Coordinator and help the department work with farmers, animal industries, veterinarians and companies in the case of emergency diseases, "To try and prevent the disease, detect the disease and then respond to the disease if we should ever get it. So, that's what we're asking for some additional dollars there from the legislature to support those efforts."

The department wants to maintain water quality funding and requested the same amount as last year, $10.5 million for the Iowa Water Quality Initiative. This takes into consideration the long-term funding passed last session, which adds another $4 million to the department.

Naig says, "We're asking for that baseline of funding to keep the work going, knowing that we'll have the increase in dollars from Senate File 512 again all about trying to scale up and increase the rate that we can adopt practices across the state."