Hawkeye radio announcer caught on air criticizing Iowa Basketball Player

From our news partner TV 9:

An Iowa radio announcer was caught giving his thoughts on some players last night when he thought he wasn't on air.

During the broadcast of the men's basketball game Tuesday between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Pittsburgh Panthers, Gary Dolphin did something he's done hundreds of times before--tossed to a commercial.

"Iowa down at the half, 46-40. They need to clean some things up defensively," Dolphin said before tossing to what he thought was a commercial break.

However, when the audio for the commercial didn't play, Dolphin and Bob Hansen could be heard talking about their thoughts on the game.

"How did we not get anybody like that? Not one. It's just year, after year, after year, You gotta get a key piece like that," Dolphin was heard saying about Pittsburgh.

"We get Mashie Dailey who dribbles into a double team with his head down. God," Dolphin said.

Dolphin went on to talk about how the freshmen were doing.

During the second half and during postgame commentary, Dolphin apologized for his comments.

After the incident, the University of Iowa released a statement from athletics director Gary Barta.

The release said, “I have been made aware that our Learfield Sports broadcast team was heard during a timeout making negative remarks in regards to Iowa’s play and players (during the game). I have requested a copy of the broadcast from Learfield and will evaluate the comments once I have the opportunity to listen to the audio.”


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