CRPD arrest four juveniles in trail incident

Cedar Rapids police have arrested four juveniles who harassed a woman on a local walking trail in an October incident.

One week ago, April Mead was on the trails by the Prairie Park Fishery when she says a group of teens started harassing her. (Forrest Saunders/KCRG)

Officials said Tuesday that a 12-year-old, 13-year-old, and two 14-year-old males were arrested for harassment after April Mead, 46, of Cedar Rapids, reported the incident at the Prairie Park Fishery trail system on Oct. 26. Names were not released due to confidentiality laws with regards to juvenile offenders.

As reported by KCRG-TV9, Mead said four young teens, on bikes, started following and threatening assault. She called the police and then looked for a place to hide.

The teens had fled by the time authorities arrived. Mead was physically unharmed.

Police suggested walkers take various safety precautions, such as keeping track of where you are, carrying a cell phone, keeping volume low when wearing headphones to increase awareness, and reporting any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.