Cross stolen from CR memorial

Loved ones are devastated after someone stole a cross from a memorial in Cedar Rapids.


Jacob Markwell died in April after his truck rolled in the 2300 block of Otis Road SE. Seven months later, family members said they believe someone stole a cross from a memorial made at the crash site by loved ones.

Neighbors spotted a middle-aged man near the memorial at about 4 p.m. Saturday but didn't get a look at his face.

Markwell's fiancée said she doesn't believe the cross would have any real monetary value. She was clueless as to why someone would take it.

"I'm devastated, honestly. It's been there for the last seven months and nobody has touched it," said Haley Harris. "Not even a week after his birthday, it's gone and everything else up there is broke."

Harris reported the theft to authorities. She also urged whoever took the cross to return it.