Local stores ready for Holiday rush

Businesses in the Lindale Mall are confident that cyber deals won't be trumping sales this weekend.

The National Retail Federation said only about 23 percent of people plan to shop local this year and 55 percent plan to shop online. But 55 percent also said they will shop at a department store. While those people said they'll be shopping at brick and mortar stores, some have had to close because of lack of foot traffic. Younkers and Sears at Lindale Mall closed earlier this year.

Lindale Mall marketing director Lia Pontarelli said it shouldn't affect sales. She said they are confident people will still come out for the experience, like to go see Santa.

"We encourage people to come out and shop at many of our different local stores but we also we're focused on creating memorable holiday experiences," said Pontarelli.

Handmade Holiday vendor Kalynn Kula said, more than experience, she thinks people care about supporting each other's local craft.

"You want to keep your money in town," said Handmade Holiday Vendor Kalynn Kula. "It doesn't buy a CEO another vacation home. It buys somebody's kid soccer shoes."

The owner of Holley's Shop for Men agreed, saying they've built their business on years of the personal, local aspect of their store.

"I think people really do like that extra care. When you come to Holley's you can throw an ensemble and put it together. For guys, it's hard to put things together sometimes," said Store Owner Sean Holley. That's why people come to a specialty store."

The mall has since put Santa's Village in front of where Sears used to be. Cassill Motors will turn Younkers' space into an indoor showroom from Black Friday to the end of the year.

According to the NRF, 164 million people are expected to shop between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. And about 116 million say they will shop on Black Friday. Americans are expected to spend more than one thousand dollars this holiday season. That's up about four percent from last year.