Dubuque Man charged with intent to cause injury

A Dubuque man was taken into custody on Monday morning and charged with committing willful injury causing serious injury.

Officers with the Dubuque Police Department arrived at 2926 Elm Street at around 9:26 a.m. on Monday, after reports that a beating had allegedly taken place. According to a police report, upon arrival, Cody Bauer, 27, of Dubuque, answered the door and told officers that the woman who was the victim in the alleged abuse, his girlfriend, was upstairs in the shower and was fine. Police gained access to the interior of the home, and found the victim in an upstairs bedroom with injuries to her face and head. They also noticed blood on the stairs, and in the bedroom and bathroom of the home.

Officials say Bauer told them that he found the victim on the kitchen floor after a night of drinking. The victim initially told officers she had fallen, but later said that Bauer had thrown her. The kitchen area of the home is located at the base of the steps leading to the upper floor where the victim was found.

The victim was taken to Mercy Hospital in Dubuque with fractures on the front and back of her skull, a lacerated liver, and broken ribs. There were also bruises observed that were covered with makeup, and an injury to her ear that likely would have occurred if an earring had been ripped from the ear. She was later transported by helicopter to an Iowa City hospital for further treatment.

Bauer is being held at the Dubuque County Jail.