Unwelcome visitor at Janesville Schools

A deer jumped through a window in the office at Janesville Consolidated School District today.

A deer in the main entryway at Janesville Consolidated Schools on Monday, Nov. 12 (Video courtesy: Marlee Boyle)

Janesville CSD Superintendent BJ Meaney said the deer hopped over a construction fence during the 12 o'clock hour and attempted to enter other exterior doors before heading for the office. After a few attempts at jumping into the window, it broke through and entered his office.

It caused some chaos in the office and mail room before a parent who was in the building grabbed a chair and steered it out of the main entrance with the help of others. Video posted online by Janesville students showed the deer struggling to walk on the solid floors, but appeared to be otherwise uninjured.

The window in the office was damaged and boarded over. No students or staff were hurt.