Candidates Raise Millions for 2018 Race

 If you could not tell from all the commercials and mailers, campaigns are pouring in a lot of money to get your vote.

Candidates running for state office have raised tens of millions of dollars. In their last filing before the election, no race has come close to the money raised in the race for Governor.

TV9 dug into the numbers by adding up each contribution Republican Governor Kim Renyolds and her democratic challenger Fred Hubbell have received between 2017 and so far this year. For Reynolds that we learned came out to a total of more than $16 million. That may sound like a lot of money but Hubbell has been able to bring in even more. Hubbell's total campaign contributions exceed $19 million for that same time period.

Another race that has seen a lot of money pour in is the one for Iowa Agriculture Secretary. Republican incumbent Mike Naig has been able to raise more than $470,000.

Naig's democratic challenger Tim Gannon has out raised him. His total comes out to nearly $530,000.

What those numbers do not include is money raised by special 527 groups. That refers to the section of the IRS tax code that allows groups to raise money, without limits like campaign donations, to spend to promote an issue or candidate. The Iowa Farm Bureau's group, Iowans for Agriculture, raised $280 thousand to promote Mike Naig.

TV9 found a total of 40 active 527 groups in Iowa but Iowans for Agriculture was the only one to pay for ads with KCRG.

We also looked into some of the most competitive house and senate races.

Among them include the race for House District 67. That district makes up parts of Hiawatha, Robins, and Marion. Incumbent Republican Ashley Hinson has been able to raise more than $390 thousand for her campaign. That is more than her democratic challenger Eric Gjerde, who has raised $380,000.

House district 60 is another competitive race where incumbent republican Walt Rogers has been able to bring in more than $400 thousand. District 60 includes parts of Cedar Falls and Waterloo. Roger's democratic challenger Dave Williams by comparison has been able to raise nearly $350,000.

In Senate District 29, which makes up parts of Jones, Jackson, and Dubuque counties, Democratic incumbent Todd Bowman has received more than $370,000 in contributions. Republican challenger Carrie Koelker has been able to bring in more than that. Koelker's campaign reported more than $500,000 in contributions.