Livestock Health boosted by Iowa company

 Livestock are biological creatures and producers have to figure out ways to keep them healthy and their products safe. One of the ways to do that is through feed additives, something Iowa company Diamond V has been manufacturing for decades.

This week, the company celebrated its 75th anniversary with a visit from Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, Congressman Rod Blum, and Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig.

In a tour of its plant in Cedar Rapids, Diamond V showed products it says boosts immune systems and optimizes animal health and performance.

Think of it as a multi-vitamin for humans, which instead goes into animal feed all around the U.S. As an example, Diamond V says 70 percent of eggs in the United States are supplemented by its products.

Secretary Naig says businesses like these are important to maintain Iowa's agriculture, "We are concerned about our farmers, we are concerned about the businesses that support our farmers, and the communities that surround our businesses and so making sure that we have markets for our products is critically important. Making sure that our farmers and our businesses have the regulatory environment where they can operate and thrive and grow and making sure they have the workforce that they need to take advantage of all the opportunities. These are the things that we need to continue to work on to keep building that stronger future for ag."

Diamond V is growing it is increasing space to keep up its business, they are getting more partners interested in incorporating their products.

Despite working for 75 years, the company is still finding new benefits for its products. Research from Iowa State University as well as other third-party studies says immune support products from Diamond V can it reduce cases of pathogens like Salmonella by up to 96 percent. It can also reduce anti-biotic resistance for commonly used animal medicines.