UI Wakling Hazards

University of Iowa students are concerned for their safety through a construction site near campus. Agnieszka Gaertner uses the pathway to get to school everyday.

"This is my first year in law school and there's really no good way to walk because I have to pass below the bridge which is kind of dangerous," said Gaertner. "The road is filled with little rocks which is unsafe to slip on them and the trees are covering the road so it's really hard to see what's on the other side of the bridge and if there's cars approaching."

If she doesn't, Gaertner risks her safety or breaking the law by illegally crossing the street. The city says she could technically take a different way but it would double her commute time.

"There's no crosswalk back so I would have to walk all the way like 1.5 miles further down just to take a different route to my school," said Gaertner.

"There is another route available just a little further of a walk than what this individual wants to use," said City Engineer Jason Havel.

The city said they'll have a pedestrian tunnel by Spring 2019

While Gaertner said the city's intentions are good she said the projects won't be done quick enough.

"I'm really worried about the winter because I'm not going to risk my health and life to walk this way but there's really no other way," said Gaertner.

The city blames poor planning.

"There are projects that will alleviate these concerns but I think in this case there's been some redevelopments in this area that was ahead of the planned projects in this area," said Havel.

Gaertner said that's not an excuse and that the city should do something in the meantime.

"I expect the city to at least clean this path of the rocks and eventually put some other surface and trim the trees, at least for the winter," said Gaertner.

Havel said, they can't make bigger sidewalks there anyway because there's even enough room and it's not ADA complaint.