CR Homeless Shelters Preparing for Cold Weather

There's no word yet on when an emergency homeless shelter will be opening in Cedar Rapids.

The Community Overflow Weather Shelter System was scheduled to open next month, but volunteers say that won't happen. They don't have a location.

The shelter typically is open, nightly, from November 15th to March 15th.

The shelter was able to set up in an unused building last year, on the southwest side. But that building is no longer available.

Since then, volunteers have tried to find space in churches or extra office space. But they say many of these areas aren't up to code, in some cases they don't have sprinklers.

Volunteers hope to find a place soon before temperatures get too cold. They say people's lives are at risk.

"Even today we have between 30 or 40 people that we know of that are sleeping on the streets, just due to a lack of space. So when it gets to 12 or five degrees it gets really dangerous and scary and we don't want people sleeping on the streets when it's that cold," Phoebe Trepp said.

Last year's shelter served more than 450 people.

Anyone who may know of a space, or wants to help, can contact Willis Dady Shelter at 319-362-7555 or