IC Rabbi Calls for Unity

Rabbi Avrohom Blesofsky said Saturday's mass shooting leaves him speechless.

Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting in Pittsburgh, PA, Photo Date: 10/27/18 / Photo: Chris Lovingood WTAE / Twitter / (MGN)

"There's really no words that can express the pain that is felt not only amongst myself but the entire Jewish community,”said Blesofsky. “"For someone to just take away 11 lives for no reason at all, there's no logic.”

He said it's disappointing that anti-semetic violence continues so long after the Holocaust.

"70 years plus post World War II, people would think that we would be way past this but unfortunately there's still people who have hatred and even act upon it,” said Blesofsky.

Blesofsky said that’s why he wants to see more steps to stop the hate.

"We can't be naive,” said Blesofsky. “We can't put our guard down because of the climate we are living in."

He said song can carry on the legacy of those whose music fell silent on Saturday.

"We sing their song. In Judaism, how do we sing their song? By strengthening ourselves. This individual wanted to kill Jews just because they're Jewish,” said Blesofsky. “May the memory be of a blessing"

The Iowa City community plans to hold a vigil at the Iowa Memorial Union Tuesday night at five.