NARCAN to be Available to Librairies, YMCA

A drug to reverse the deadly effects of opioid is now available in more places. The NARCAN nasal spray can save lives and now libraries and YMCA's can get the drug for free.

A box of Narcan, a medication used to revive someone who has overdosed on an opioid drug. Participants in an ASAC training session Friday got free boxes of the drug to use at home in an emergency.

Emergent BioSolutions announced it'll be giving a free, two-dose kit of the nasal spray, complete with an info packet to institutions across the country.

Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition Founder Sarah Ziegenhorn said they have it in the office at all times. They consider it a silver bullet for people experiencing an overdose. She said people should give people the second chance that NARCAN offers, regardless of opinions on addiction.

"It's really wonderful that people are starting to work on distributing naloxone everywhere because that's how we know we can turn the tide on the overdose deaths in our community by distributing the medications far and wide where people can act to reverse an overdose," said Ziegenhorn.

Ziegenhorn said it's a myth that NARCAN makes drug users more likely to shoot up. She said this drug does help save lives. This comes around the same time President Trump signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, which aims to fight the opioid epidemic by lowering the price of NARCAN.