Construction Update: Dubuque Street

Nearly 25,000 people drive on Dubuque Street each day and now the major connector from I-80 to Iowa City is one step closer to opening up all their lanes as part of the Iowa City Gateway Project.

Crews just put down permanent pavement marking and opened up additional lanes in each direction.

They are still installing utilities under Park Road Bridge and installing new traffic signals and street lights.

Melissa Clow the Special Project Administrator says the heavy rain and wet weather has slowed down their crews on this project which was supposed to wrap up in August.

"They've worked through it, luckily anything like this held off the past two seasons so this season we were elevated and up above where the high waters were so I think they've handled it well, it's just getting past all the rain and wet soil," says Clow.

Flooding has also caused delays for city crews to work on the bike path on the west side of the bridge.

"We obviously can't get the bike path under the bridge right now, that entire area is flooded so we're doing our best to just stabilize it, get it ready for winter and then the crews will be back and we'll get that sidewalk paved next spring," says Clow.

The city tells us once sidewalks are complete under the bridge in the spring they'll finish putting down top soil and seeds.

This fall, they'll be opening a right left turn lane off Park Road Bridge at Dubuque Street and a left turn lane from Dubuque Street onto Park Road Bridge.

The city says to expect temporary lane closures throughout the fall along Dubuque.

Depending on weather, crews are hoping to opening up all the lanes on Dubuque Street and Park Road Bridge in the next 3 to 4 weeks.