IC Closer to New Public Works Facility

Iowa City is one step closer to getting a new public works building. The photo below is a rendering of what it could look like.

Possible view of the new Public Works building from the angle of South Gilbert Street.

The building would help consolidate the city's public works divisions into one location and it would give the Water and Streets Department a new vehicle storage area and shop. The city council approved the $10 million project at a special meeting Tuesday morning. The city engineer said it's a long time coming for a building Iowa City has really needed.

"It will help to share not only storage for vehicles but equipment, materials and that kind of thing. It will also be a shop space, office space and really help them get some current facilities that will hopefully last for years to come," said City Engineer Jason Havel.

The new facility will be at the corner of South Gilbert Street and McCollister Court. The city said there's no exact start date for construction yet but it expects the work to be done sometime next year.