Traveling Drug Trailer Comes to Jones Co.

"The What You Don’t See Trailer" is at schools in Jones County to train parents to spot drug paraphernalia. It's a mobile training site simulating a teenager's bedroom.

It was brought to Jones County by the Iowa Narcotics Officers Association and the Area Substance Abuse Council.

They chose to bring it to the county this week because some of the schools have parent-teacher conference going on. They were at Monticello Middle School on Monday. The trailer will be at Anamosa Middle School Tuesday, and Midland High School on Thursday.

Some parents say they were shocked to see inside the trailer places kids can hide drugs.

"Different places you hide them,” said Becky Stahlberg, who has a daughter in 8th grade. “Such as the zipper in the belt, the tea cans where the lid unscrews, in what looks like a book, which is an actually a safe."

Stahlberg had opioids prescribed to her after a surgery. Seeing all the hiding spots made her glad she ditched the pills.

"I took them to the police station to dispose,” she explained. "Don't need them in my house, don't need them in my house. Don't need people breaking in knowing I had a surgery and possibly had painkillers in my house, didn't want my kids to get their hands on them."

Jennifer Husmann with ASAC has a son in recovery. It took her years to find his hiding spot inside of a book.

"It was really unbelievable to me, like the whole thing,” Husmann said. “I brought that book for him in the fourth grade and he loved that thing at the time, and to find out that you know, here's that hollow out middle"

Parents also watched a movie and learned about signs, symbols, and clothing that could hint to drug use.

"You trust your kid, and so you don't think you'll have to dig deeper for anything, but at least it opened my eyes for other places to look if I do suspect something," Shelly Aitchison, who has a kid in 8th grade, said.

Kids were not allowed to go inside the trailer. They met with members of the Monticello Police Department to discuss the effects of substance abuse while parents viewed the trailer.